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Fabric Virtualization inNetwork Analytics
Cloud Controller Application Fabric

Cloud Controller

Wire once, rewire virtually. Pluribus 'cloud in a rack' OpenStack solution is cloud ready, right out of the box. OpenStack is preinstalled and preconfigured, ready to deploy your VMs, ready to deploy services and ready to deploy tenant networks. Deep integration reduces complexity, eliminates barriers to adoption and drives lower OPEX and CAPEX.

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Converged L4-L7 Platform

The ability to effectively host network-facing applications and services such as L4-7/NFV, orchestration, and 3rd party services such as enterprise messaging or websockets in the server-switches and network computing appliances a result of the platform's unique fusion of compute, storage, and switching, coupled with the industry's first network hypervisor, or Netvisor.

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Fabric Virtualization

Netvisor Fabric Virtualization refers to the ability of Netvisor switches to operate in 'federated' mode and present themselves as a single logical or virtual switch. Netvisor SDF is a classic server clustering architecture with the goal of dramatically simplifying the management, orchestration, monitoring and programming of the network fabric.

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Network Analytics

Traditional approaches to network analytics have limitations and drawbacks. One of which is expense as a second monitoring network to aggregate and filter traffic has often been required. Due to cost, it has not always been possible to provide coverage for the entire network, leading to the selective placement of taps and mirroring ports. The Pluribus approach provides fabric wide visibility without the complexity of a separate monitoring network.

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