Unified Cloud Networking

Unified, simplified, secure networking for distributed clouds.

Cloud Networking needs a new vision

Hybrid clouds are here to stay, but network complexity is slowing them down. Fragmented networks with different operating models lead to high costs and low agility. You need a way to unify and simplify your cloud networks so your business can move at cloud speed.

Cloud networking is fragmented and complex. Overlay networks are decoupled from underlay networks and fail to stretch across distributed clouds. Each cloud network has its own operations model, increasing operations cost.

Visibility is an afterthought. Limited traffic monitoring and application visibility lead to reactive, slow troubleshooting. Separate monitoring networks add substantial cost yet deliver incomplete coverage.

Distributed security solutions are lacking. Centralized appliances cannot scale to provide zero-trust security for east-west traffic, while software-based virtual firewalls are expensive and tax CPU performance.

Automation is brittle and incomplete. Bolt-on automation tools and DIY scripting are hard to implement and even harder to maintain. Multi-vendor incompatibility, script drift and lack of change control increase risks of outages or security breaches.


Pluribus Unified Cloud Networking changes the game

Pluribus unifies networking across distributed clouds with built-in security, automation and visibility. Our open networking solutions work across hardware platforms and with any virtualization environment.

Find your

Find your Freedom

Open Network Platforms

Unified Cloud Networking solutions run on your choice of Pluribus Freedom Series switches, open network switches and server-based data processing units (DPUs) from leading vendors.

Build on a solid foundation

Netvisor ONE OS

Netvisor ONE is the foundation of Unified Cloud Networking, a common network operating system that runs across diverse network platforms from switches and DPUs to edge devices and virtual instances in the cloud.

Unify to simplify

Unified Cloud Fabric

The Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric is the heart of Unified Cloud Networking. It unifies and simplifies diverse cloud networks with network virtualization services, distributed security, built-in automation and pervasive visibility.

From installation to insight

UNUM Fabric Manager and Insight Analytics

The UNUM fabric manager provides comprehensive GUI-based life-cycle management of unified cloud networks. UNUM Insight Analytics enables rich network performance and security monitoring, analysis and problem solving.


Other Fabric Solutions

Pluribus Networks powerful fabric technology goes beyond the cloud to solve diverse networking problems. Explore other fabric solutions.

Pluribus VirtualWire is an integrated physical layer feature set for the Netvisor® ONE Operating System (OS) that enables native Layer 1 switching capabilities on Open Networking hardware switches.

The industry’s most flexible and scalable solution for network monitoring.

Break free from MPLS and accelerate metro Ethernet services for the cloud era.

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