VXLAN vs. MPLS: From Data Centers to Metro Ethernet Networks

VXLAN vs. MPLS: From Data Centers to Metro Ethernet Networks

My recent blog described how VXLAN was developed and how it is being widely used in data centers due its advantages over other virtualization technologies, including MPLS. This blog extends that MPLS comparison and describes why VXLAN is starting to replace MPLS in metro and wide-area networks as a better approach to deliver Ethernet services. […]

Unified Cloud Networking Changes the Game

Today we announced our Unified Cloud Networking vision, the industry’s first Unified Cloud Fabric solution and our partnership with NVIDIA. This truly changes the game for cloud network operators. Last week I made the case that cloud networking needs a new vision in order to meet two strategic goals shared by cloud operators: Transform cloud […]

Pluribus Unified Cloud Networking: What, Why, How

Unified Cloud Networking

Today, Pluribus launched the Unified Cloud Networking architecture aiming to transform the way CSPs, telcos and enterprises build and operate cloud networks with radical operational simplification, distributed security services integrated into the network, and significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to existing solutions. In this blog I discuss the networking and security challenges […]

Cloud Networking Needs a New Vision

Cloud Networking Needs a New Vision

While hyperscale public clouds grab attention, the majority of workloads and cloud infrastructure will continue to remain elsewhere for the foreseeable future. Enterprise private clouds are not only NOT disappearing but growing, spanning on-premises data centers, colocation sites and increasingly distributed edge sites. Tier 2 cloud service providers cater to local markets and provide services […]

Pluribus Networks 2021 Year In Review

Pluribus Networks

As we turn the page on 2021, while we still face challenges brought on by COVID-19, there is a sense that enterprises and economies are adapting to this new reality and finding their footing. I’m pleased to say that, despite all the constraints that make up this “new normal”, Pluribus excelled in 2021.