Published by Jayesh Chokshi

This week, Pluribus Networks released Netvisor ONE Network OS 5.0 for distributed cloud and 5G. Our Linux-based Netvisor ONE Network OS and Adaptive Cloud Fabric are now even better for data center modernization and multi-site data center unification. Our customers like Econocom are deploying release 5.0 now to increase performance while simultaneously simplifying their multi-site distributed data center deployments.

The new release includes further enhancements to multi-site geographically distributed data center architectures and scale, as well as network slicing functionality of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric with fully isolated management, control and data plane for multi-tenant, IoT, edge computing and 5G distributed cloud environments.

Netvisor ONE 5.0 Features & Enhancements

Netvisor ONE 5.0 brings a number of new features and enhancements to multiple innovative use cases requiring vRouting, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support, slicing, increased VRF scale, anycast gateway with routing in and out of tunnels, and open programmability with REST APIs, plus much more.

Network Slicing with Per Slice Network Services

One of the most popular features that customers deploy is network slicing with per-slice network services for vPODs in NFVi deployments. Managed cloud providers, telcos and service providers need multi-tenancy with the capability to fully isolate their tenants not only from the control and data plane but also from the management plane to enable customers’ different business needs. Release 5.0 increases the VRF instances per slice and introduces support for geographically distributed L2VPNs and L3VPNs, and point-to-point transparent L2VPNs.

Netvisor ONE has been deployed in 200+ multi-site managed cloud providers, service providers, and enterprise mission-critical data center networks around the world. Its robust quality delivers high resiliency, deep slicing and a scale-out architecture across geographically distributed sites. Netvisor ONE runs on many Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) hardware-compliant switches from Dell EMC and Edgecore, and with the new release, customers can build scale-out networks with 10, 25, 40 or 100-gigabit switches, taking advantage of white box economics.

With Netvisor ONE 5.0, customers can accelerate their network transformation to accommodate new use cases around 5G, IoT and edge computing deployments.

Download this Heavy Reading white paper to learn more about Distributed Cloud: Emerging Network Requirements for Edge Compute

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