Published by Jayesh Chokshi

Netvisor® ONE, UNUM and Insight Analytics 6.0 Release Highlights

This past week marked a major step forward in our mission to deliver SDN-automated data center fabrics, based on open networking principles, that radically simplify operations and lower costs. If you are a mid-market or large enterprise customer, a governmental or educational institution or a telecom or cloud service provider investigating data center fabric solutions, you should take a hard look at this new release. With release 6.0 of the Netvisor® ONE network operating system and the UNUM management and Insight Analytics platform, we are enabling Pluribus customers to build bigger, faster fabrics with more services and even simpler operations in both traditional and more constrained and distributed edge data centers. Below are a few highlights.

First, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of high performance Broadcom-based switches supported by Netvisor ONE OS:

Next, from a software perspective we have made foundational upgrades ensuring our customers have the ability to deploy cutting edge software with the most comprehensive set of features. With R6.0 Netvisor ONE has implemented the Linux Foundation’s FRR 7.2 suite which has provided us the scaffolding to add a new set of powerful layer 3 Pluribus capabilities. We have also upgraded R6.0 to the latest Broadcom SDK.

Upon this foundation we have dramatically expanded our overlay network services. Operational simplification is a key benefit of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric, powered by the Netvisor ONE OS, where services and policies can be implemented with one-touch fabric-wide provisioning across a single or multiple geo-distributed data center sites. Our protocol-free Adaptive Cloud Fabric uses controllerless SDN to radically simplify the deployment of the underlay, the overlay fabrics and policies and Layer 2/Layer 3 fabric services. For example with two commands in Netvisor ONE a customer can deploy a fabric and service across 32 switches whereas it would take over 830 commands using Cisco NX-OS – and this is per service.

The long list of new services supported in Release 6.0 illustrates how the Adaptive Cloud Fabric provides a robust foundation for innovation and new feature velocity. A few highlights:

With UNUM Fabric Management Platform R6.0, we are increasing scale, enhancing usability and enabling customers to store network data for a longer period of time.

Taken together, these new capabilities showcase how Pluribus continues to deliver rapid innovation across multiple dimensions to simplify networking.

How Do I Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Pluribus Networks’ approach to modern data center network architectures reach out to us for a demo.