Published by Andrea Mallick

This week, Oracle posted a joint solution that for the first time ties applications to a QoS-aware SDN fabric, critical in delivering the SLAs required for a “Quality of Application Experience.” For example, high-priority applications should have access to dedicated network resources, even in the face of large background file transfers. Though we’ve spoken of this QoS awareness for years, actually implementing it has been time-intensive or required protocols that may not be supported end-to-end. Oracle’s Solaris 11.2 is unique in its integrated application-driven SDN capability. When mapped to the Pluribus Netvisor, applications, tenants, and flows within applications can request network resources, and can even monitor the network for congestion and latency, automatically adjusting their requirements as necessary.

The joint solution brief is posted here:

Oracle Solaris 11 and Pluribus Networks – Enabling Application-Driven SDN in the Cloud

This is just one of a number of joint solutions that the two companies have either announced or have under development, including multi-OS OpenStack, database analytics, and optimized solutions. In addition, there is a short (6 min) video interview on this topic with Founder and CTO of Pluribus Networks, Sunay Tripathi: Oracle and Pluribus Ally on Software Defined Networking. We’ve got additional great content posted on our YouTube channel –