Published by Kumar Srikantan

It’s almost the end of what has been an enormously challenging year and Pluribus is very pleased to send 2020 into the history books with a piece of (always welcome) good news. The annual Data Centre Solutions Awards have just been announced and Pluribus Networks was named the winner of the ‘Edge Computing Innovation of the Year’ Award. Now in its tenth year, the DCS Awards are supported by the Data Centre Alliance and are recognized as one of the data center industry’s premier celebrations of end user projects, product innovation and individual achievements. While the event was forced to go virtual this year, picture our entire team giving each other fist-bumps and backslaps while we toast this much appreciated accomplishment!

DCS Awards 2020 - Edge Computing Innovation of the Year

A DCS Award, particularly in the Edge Computing category, is especially gratifying as Pluribus has worked tirelessly to innovate SDN automation at the edge. Among many of its advancements in 2020, Pluribus claimed a number of industry firsts, including the first open networking software to support the Celestica Edgestone™ carrier-grade white box central office switch, as well as the first integration of the data center gateway router function into the top-of-rack switch, which reduces cost, power and space in constrained edge environments.

As many data center operators know, in constrained edge environments, an efficient yet comprehensive network automation solution is critical. Unfortunately, SDN automation, virtualization, segmentation, and traffic visibility solutions have, understandably, been designed for highly centralized data centers.

These current solutions typically require multiple controllers running on top of multiple servers at each edge location. In a central data center, these additional servers for network automation are “in the noise,” but in an edge mini data center they incur significant cost and consume power and space that is precious. Centralized controllers also suffer from latency penalties as they communicate back and forth with the switch/router infrastructure and also act as a single point of failure. Furthermore, because of their centralized heritage, these controllers often require a controller-of-controllers to manage multiple sites, which increases integration and deployment complexity.

As we’ve talked about in this blog before, the architectural approach to the Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS and Adaptive Cloud Fabric (ACF) is unique in that it is “controllerless,” where all software modules are containerized, distributed and designed to leverage the processing power and memory resources built into the open networking data center switches themselves.

Traditional solutions require many external servers; controller software licenses; CPU software licenses; and hardware-based probes, taps and packet brokers that typically need to be replicated site by site.

The Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric eliminates the need for most of the external hardware and software required by these traditional approaches, dramatically reducing complexity and cost and optimizing for constrained edge environments.

We are honored to join some of the most recognized names in the data center industry as a DCS Award winner and look forward to celebrating more success (perhaps even in person) in 2021!

But before we get there, a bit more about the year that was:

It’s hard to imagine more unpredictable and nerve-wracking circumstances than those we’ve all been living through these past several months. Every Pluribus employee, partner and customer has been impacted by the global pandemic and it has forced us all to reexamine our priorities, our work environments and our near-and-long term goals. Nothing has been done easily in 2020, but it’s worth taking a moment to recognize what we were able to accomplish, in spite of a year full of remote work, colliding office and home lives and never-ending uncertainty.

Here’s a bit of what Pluribus managed in this decade of a year:

These achievements would have been noteworthy enough in a typical year, but 2020 has been anything but typical. For Pluribus to succeed as it has given the circumstances is a testament to the flexibility, dedication and teamwork of our entire staff, along with all of our partners and customers.

2021 will most certainly deliver more changes to our world, good and bad, and present our team with a new host of challenges to overcome.  Given what we’ve managed to get done in this past year, Pluribus is more than ready for what comes next.