Published by Jayesh Chokshi

In almost all aspects of IT, the pace of change and innovation has been astounding. However, one area stuck in the past is the test lab, where the lab infrastructure that connects the units being tested to expensive test equipment from the likes of Ixia and Spirent has not changed for decades.

Organizations continue to deploy expensive test ports at every lab location and manually re-cable the lab every time a new test needs to be run. This introduces a number of issues and constraints – complexity of equipment connectivity, re-cabling, troubleshooting, scaling, underutilization of expensive test equipment and ultimately, slow test cycles that impact competitiveness. Reconfiguring the lab infrastructure has turned into the worst nightmare of the lab administrator and test engineer. A few companies have attacked this manual approach with custom L1 matrix switches. While this can certainly automate the test lab infrastructure, the expense is high and it is limited to a single lab site.

With advances in open networking software and programmability, there is a new way to automate, reconfigure, optimize and scale your lab infrastructure across multiple sites. Pluribus Networks Netvisor® ONE software and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ allow you to quickly build new topologies via SDN control in a matter of minutes with visibility and troubleshooting built-in, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 1 matrix switches. This open networking solution is the only software in the world that enables Layer 1 to be tunneled through a standard white box Ethernet switch so that any two ports across a single lab site or multiple lab sites can be stitched between any two ports. The benefits are that it speeds lab reconfiguration for faster time to test while lowering the operational costs of manual cabling and capital costs by sharing test ports.


Pluribus VirtualWire™

The Pluribus VirtualWire™ switch is a highly flexible, highly scalable physical layer non-blocking switching matrix powered by the Pluribus Netvisor OS. It is designed to build dynamic, high-performance lab connectivity with packet/application/link layer visibility. VirtualWire also allows the storage of well-known physical configurations and reproduces them at will for subsequent testing. A powerful RESTful API integrates within existing management and orchestration tools.

Listen to the on-demand webinar on Lab Automation that provides more insight into transforming your lab into an elastic and proactive self-service cloud-based environment leveraging low-cost SDN technology to scale-out and simplify your lab environment.

Pluribus VirtualWire Benefits

Also hear from World Wide Technology (WWT) on how they are using Pluribus VirtualWire technology to enable significant operational value and rapid ROI over legacy and first-generation SDN connectivity solutions.

At Pluribus Networks, we are focused on solving our customer problems and finding ways to help conserve time, maximize productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate errors associated with manual patching.

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