SANTA CLARA, CA – September 19, 2019 – Pluribus Networks, a leader in open networking and next generation software defined networking (SDN), today announced a new customer relationship with Metro Digital Group, a leader in the design, implementation, and service of rich media production pipelines for the entertainment and broadcast industries. Metro Digital Group is a managed service provider (MSP) whose offerings include state of the art storage systems, servers, workstations, render farms, networking, and a variety of specialized applications targeting the video and special effects industry.

Metro Digital Group’s customers include some of Hollywood’s leading creative companies and agencies that generate visual effects, movies, commercials, and content production for the world’s largest brands. Because of the unique nature of their work, these customers require extremely deterministic, high  performance connectivity and deep visibility as well as iron clad security and privacy to protect the content upon which they work. Because of these critical requirements the public cloud is not an option. Metro Digital Group is offering a private, secure solution to these demanding customers by deploying Edgecore open networking switches featuring Pluribus Networks software to securely connect rendering servers with workstations and ensure the performance needed to securely move massive quantities of media, graphics, and images at high speeds.

“Metro Digital Group customers require very high-performance networking at scale. In many cases, we’re talking petabytes of data. What the IT teams at our customers want, in addition to high capacity and performance, is a window of visibility into the network, and to control it from a security standpoint, and they get that with this solution,” said John Pankratz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Metro Digital Group.

“Metro Digital Group has a fascinating customer base whose creative genius and work touches our lives every day. From a networking standpoint, they’re as demanding as their Hollywood clients. High capacity at high speed is an absolute requirement. They’re moving petabytes of data between workstations and rendering servers daily. Pluribus and Edgecore not only deliver the speed and capacity they require, we’re able to provide an additional layer of value through the visibility and control we deliver through SDN automation,” said Kumar Srikantan, Chief Executive Officer of Pluribus Networks.

Open Networking with Edgecore and Pluribus

Edgecore now supports Pluribus Netvisor® ONE OS on seven different high-performance white box switch models, enabling choice and flexibility to Metro Digital Group customers as they design their data center and private cloud networks.

Pluribus Netvisor ONE is a Linux operating system purpose-built to optimize the power and performance of bare metal Open Networking hardware. It is based on the open source FRRouting project and is instantiated in one or more lightweight containers on bare metal leaf and spine switches. The switches are Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) hardware-compliant, providing an open, secure and programmable next-generation network OS.

Pluribus’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ radically simplifies network operations in highly distributed environments with the power of fabric-wide automation and troubleshooting, while improving performance and reducing latency with fully distributed network services. Pluribus’ controllerless SDN approach uniquely delivers on the promise of network automation and programmability in a highly efficient and resilient manner with absolutely no controller-to-switch latency penalty even when deployed across distributed data centers.

Pluribus UNUM™ is a unified management platform that integrates a comprehensive range of advanced management capabilities including workflow automation, topology visualization, network diagnostics, and integrated performance analytics.

About Metro Digital Group

Metro Digital Group is a technology company dedicated to the design, implementation, and service of rich media production pipelines for entertainment and broadcast. Metro has the knowledge and experience customers need to develop comprehensive and dependable workflow solutions. From offline to online, standard definition to 8K, 2D to 3D, Metro helps customers navigate the many solutions available today and tailor solutions that fit their specific needs. Our offerings include state of the art Storage Systems, Servers, Workstations, Render Farms, Networking and a variety of Specialized Applications.

About Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks is delivering an open, next generation software defined network fabric for modern data centers, multi-site data centers and distributed cloud environments. The Linux-based Netvisor® ONE operating system and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ have been purpose built to deliver radically simplified networking along with white box economics by leveraging open networking hardware from our partners Dell EMC, D-Link Systems and Edgecore as well as Pluribus’ own Freedom Series of switches. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric controllerless SDN architecture distributes state and intelligence throughout the network fabric and is optimized to deliver rich and highly secure per-tenant services across data center sites with simple operations and no single point of failure. Pluribus Networks is also embedded in industry leading Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVi) and distributed cloud solutions which are being deployed in the networks of the world’s largest 5G service providers. Pluribus Networks is a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge organization and a member of State of the Edge. Visit to learn more.

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