Enhancements within Netvisor ONE and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ Resonate with Customers, Supporting Larger, Seamlessly Interconnected Fabrics and a Dynamic Packet Broker Solution

SANTA CLARA – April 27, 2021 – Pluribus Networks, the leader in SDN automation and disaggregated networking, today announced the general availability of release 6.1 of its Linux Netvisor® ONE network operating system (OS). Recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the Americas for a second consecutive year in 2021, Pluribus continues to demonstrate architectural innovation at a rapid pace, including feature enhancements that deliver affordable and highly automated data center fabrics for private cloud deployments.

Netvisor ONE 6.1 includes enhancements to the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ that enable Pluribus customers to build bigger, faster fabrics with more services and even simpler operations, and also features the industry’s most flexible and scalable packet broker solution for network monitoring, security monitoring and visibility. R6.1 also further extends the Pluribus switch portfolio with support of multiple new Edgecore switches for 10/40/100 GbE deployments and delivers a highly automated BGP EVPN implementation for brownfield interoperability.

“Whether driven by 5G, edge compute, AI/ML applications or digital transformation, data center operators are all under tremendous pressure to build agile clouds while reducing costs, streamlining efficiencies and increasing application availability and security,” said Kumar Srikantan, Pluribus Networks, president and chief executive officer. “As a result, Pluribus is answering customer demand for more flexible, open and scalable solutions that support modern, automated data center network fabrics based on disaggregated network switching via partners such as Dell Technologies and Edgecore, as well as our own Pluribus Freedom Series switches.”

Highlights of Netvisor ONE R6.1 include:

  • Automated BGP EVPN: Many traditional vendors offer BGP EVPN data center overlay fabrics that can be complex to operate and suffer from scale limitations. With Netvisor ONE R6.1, Pluribus has introduced a highly automated implementation of BGP EVPN that simplifies the deployment and management of overlay fabrics while also increasing scale.
  • Unprecedented Fabric Scalability: Organizations continue to require distributed multi-site fabrics that can scale across larger centralized data centers, as well as outward across multiple distributed collocation and edge data centers. With R6.1, Pluribus introduces architectural innovations within the Adaptive Cloud Fabric, designed to meet customer demand for 128, 256, 512 or even 1,024 switches in a single unified fabric.
    Furthermore, BGP EVPN Fabric Extension provides customers additional scaling options by seamlessly interconnecting multiple Adaptive Cloud Fabrics together and extending services between them.
  • Flexible Packet Broker Services: Netvisor ONE 6.1 includes the industry’s most flexible and scalable solution for network and security monitoring and visibility. Built on top of Pluribus’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric, this scale-out packet broker architecture can be deployed at a single site or span multiple-geographically disparate sites with full resiliency and load balancing. It includes a “virtual chassis” operations model and no per port licensing to easily scale port capacity, adding switches and sites to match demand and minimize operational complexity.
  • Support for New Edgecore Switches: With the release of Netvisor ONE 6.1, Pluribus is extending its switch portfolio to support several new Edgecore switches. These new Edgecore switches are “OCP Accepted,” based on the Broadcom Trident 3 series silicon and configurable for 10/25/40/100 GbE interfaces. The AS7726-32X is a 100GbE switch with 6.4 terabit per second (Tbps) of throughput capacity and can be used as a spine or leaf switch. The AS7326-56X and AS5835-54X have a throughput capacity of 4 Tbps and 2.16 Tbps, respectively, with high port counts and are ideally suited for use as data center leaf switches.


“Edgecore’s long-standing partnership with Pluribus Networks continues to grow as we together address the distributed cloud and ongoing demand for disaggregation. Edgecore switches, along with Netvisor ONE 6.1, provide customers with ideal options for best-in-class switch platforms and flexible, scalable fabric functionality.” – George Tchaparian, CEO at Edgecore Networks.

“Developments such as 5G, edge computing, and AI/ML applications are accelerating the pace at which datacenters, of varying sizes, are becoming distributed. While distributed datacenters can provide many benefits, they also entail greater complexity and costs. Consequently, enterprises and service providers are prioritizing investments in modern network infrastructure that leverages intelligent automation to simplify operations. With its controllerless approach to SDN fabrics and its use of disaggregated white-box hardware, Pluribus is responding to the need for simplified operations and cost optimization spanning distributed datacenters.” – Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks

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About Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks delivers highly scalable, automated and cost-efficient data center network solutions based on the principles of disaggregation and controllerless SDN automation. The Linux-based Netvisor® ONE operating system and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ controllerless SDN software have been purpose built to deliver radically automated networking along with superior economics by leveraging white box switches from Celestica, Dell Technologies, Edgecore and Champion ONE as well as Pluribus’ own Freedom™ Series of switches. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric controllerless SDN architecture is optimized to deliver a modern network fabric across data center sites with rich services, automated operations, intrinsic security and no single point of failure. In addition to automating data center networks, Pluribus also offers solutions for Network Packet Broker, Layer 1 Lab Automation and Metro Ethernet Cloud Services. Pluribus is deployed by more than 350 customers, including more than 90 tier one mobile network operators, in mission critical networks around the globe. Visit Pluribus Networks to learn more.

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