The Netvisor OS Now Certified and Available Integrated on D-Link Hardware,
Extending the Choice of Platforms for Organizations Implementing Open Networking Solutions

PALO ALTO, CA – August 22, 2017 – Pluribus Networks today announced that it has added D-Link Systems as an Open Networking Partner and that its Netvisor® network virtualization software is now certified to support the D-Link DXS-5000 series of open networking hardware platforms. As part of the partnership, D-Link will integrate and resell the Pluribus Netvisor OS with its switching platforms to provide a turn-key, integrated open networking solution for its customers through its global network of value-added resellers, distributors, and online retailers. This partnership provides D-Link customers with seamless access to the innovative Netvisor OS integrated on D-Link hardware, and significantly expands the routes to market for Pluribus Networks – extending the range of open networking hardware and software options for a much broader range of organizations globally.

As the adoption of software-defined open networking technologies accelerates, organizations are looking for cost-effective, high-performance alternatives to closed legacy networking approaches. The combined Pluribus and D-Link solution is highly complementary, providing customers with a high-density, pre-integrated solution that is simple-to-deploy and brings a faster time-to-value for data center and campus networks.

The Netvisor software is a virtualized Network OS that delivers best-in-class layer 2 and layer 3 networking and enables the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ architecture. The Netvisor OS virtualizes the switching hardware, to allow a single physical device to instantiate multiple, independent virtualized network devices, each with their own router, and data, control, and management plane, with automated provisioning and advanced management capabilities. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric is a distributed, peer-to-peer software-defined network fabric that clusters multiple switches into a unified operating domain, enabling them to operate as a single, distributed entity without the need for cumbersome proprietary protocols or SDN controllers. The programmable and highly elastic Adaptive Cloud Fabric integrates a broad range of advanced network services and provides pervasive visibility for all traffic traversing the network. The fabric can be implemented in a single data center or campus or distributed geographically to support the seamless interconnection of multi-location environments.

“The economic benefits and operational value of open networking strategies are becoming more important today as organizations are driving their network transformation to support a more digital-centric architecture,” said Kumar Srikantan, president and chief executive officer of Pluribus Networks. “The addition of the D-Link hardware expands the market reach for Pluribus Networks by increasing the customers’ freedom of choice and bringing next-generation SDN to a broader range of environments. As we extended our range of supported hardware, our customers can now combine our popular Netvisor OS with various open networking hardware choices to meet their specific deployment needs. This increases operational agility while reducing acquisition and operational costs.”


Easily Integrates into Existing Networks

The Netvisor OS runs on Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) hardware compliant switches and enables a smarter, simpler and non-disruptive next-generation network architecture that makes it easier to deliver, manage and secure service delivery. As a result of its controller-less architecture, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric can be built using any vendor mix of open hardware devices, allowing customers to build a complete, end-to-end network powered by the Netvisor OS using any combination of open networking hardware platforms to break the “leaf/spine” topology lock-in that incumbents and vertically integrated vendors are driving. This enables building true multi-vendor networks that can flexibly support evolving physical interface and device requirements while maintaining an operationally consistent, programmable software-driven operating environment.

The Netvisor OS uses industry-standard protocols, so it is fully interoperable with existing legacy switching deployments, allowing customers to implement a graceful migration strategy to a software-defined operating environment to minimize unnecessary disruptions. The joint Pluribus-D-Link solution changes the industry dynamics by enabling any-sized organization to leverage the value of disaggregation and gain the full power of network virtualization with no barriers to entry.

“We are excited to be offering an integrated, turn-key solution with Pluribus Networks. When we decided to enter the open networking hardware market, we looked for a proven network operating system that would be flexible, scalable, and resilient to deliver the advanced capabilities our customers were demanding,” said Michael Hardy, president, D-Link Systems. “We validated that the Pluribus Netvisor OS was the most programmable OS available that delivers the best-in-class performance and services that our customers need. Our goal is to provide a compelling turn-key solution that will simplify our customers’ operations, and we believe that the combination of the D-Link hardware and Pluribus Netvisor software delivers the performance and agility needed.”



Support for the D-Link DXS-5000 series switches is available now with Netvisor version 2.6 software (ONVL). D-Link will offer their switches pre-loaded with the Netvisor OS beginning in September 2017. The Netvisor software is licensed on a per-switch basis and is available as an Enterprise version, supporting advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, or as a Fabric version, which enables the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ architecture and includes embedded telemetry capabilities for fabric-wide monitoring and analytics.


About Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks is simplifying the software-defined data center with its simple, dynamic and secure Adaptive Cloud Fabric architecture, enabling organizations to build scalable private and public clouds that improve service velocity, performance, and reliability. The innovative Netvisor software virtualizes open networking hardware to build a holistic, distributed network that is more intelligent, automated and resilient. The company’s Insight Analytics platform leverages embedded telemetry and other data sources to enable pervasive visibility across the network to reveal network and application performance that speeds troubleshooting and improves operational and security intelligence. Pluribus Networks has received venture funding from Temasek Holdings, NEA, Menlo Ventures, and AME Cloud Ventures. Pluribus Networks is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with development and support centers in Bangalore, India; Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX; and Hong Kong, PRC. For additional information contact Pluribus Networks at, or visit Follow us on Twitter @pluribusnet.

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