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Networking Could Be NVIDIA’s Next Big Game

“…the new partnership with Pluribus show[s] that NVIDIA has been thinking about this market strategically and putting a lot of engineering resources into building high-performance networking and DPUs.”

Network World

Pluribus extends cloud fabric to Nvidia smartNICs

Pluribus has ported its Unified Cloud Fabric (previously Adaptive Cloud Fabric) software to the Nvidia BlueField-2 DPU, which offloads software-defined storage, networking, security, and management workloads from traditional servers.

SDN Software Maker Pluribus Networks Raises $20 Million

“The combination of [Pluribus] products brings cloud-like capabilities, such as scale, elasticity and adaptability, to enterprise data centers as well as service providers, including cloud providers, telecommunications firms, and mobile network operators.”

Creval deploys Pluribus for Data Centre Network modernisation

“Pluribus’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric solution, powered by Netvisor ONE, enabled Creval to deploy an SDN-automated, overlay network fabric across the geographically separated data centers for operational simplicity, agility, ease of service migration and integrated analytics for visibility.”

Pluribus Networks Stretches Cloud Fabric to 1,024 Nodes

SDxCentral reports on the Adaptive Cloud Fabric: ‘With its architecture now equipped to scale to 256, 512, or 1,024 switches in a unified fabric, Pluribus Networks is eyeing deployments on a scale that is largely nonexistent today.’

Pluribus, Dell Tackle IoT Video Security With SDN

SDxCentral provides more details around the highly unique IoT Video Security Fabric from Pluribus Networks and Dell Technologies. “The new IoT Video Security Fabric aims to solve … capex and complexity problem(s) by running on white box switches over any existing transport network.”

Mission Critical

Controller-Based Versus Controllerless

“Despite a maturing market, there is no single path to the software-defined future of data center infrastructure. In fact, there are several considerations, perhaps none as critical as the decision to go with a controller-based versus a controllerless architecture.” Learn more from Jay Gill of Pluribus Marketing.

Enabling Mission-Critical Digital Transformation: Pluribus Provides an Open, Virtualized, and Highly Programmable Network Fabric

“To compete and thrive in the future, businesses must take full advantage of the opportunities provided by emerging technology — or be left in the dust. That’s why now, more than 200 customers and partners, including mobile operators, hosts, and managed services providers, are turning to Pluribus Networks to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the businesses they serve.”

Pluribus Taps Red Hat OpenStack, Ansible for Edge Centers

“Pluribus views edge computing in the context of distributed cloud architecture. Centralized data centers, regional or colocation facilities, remote cabinets, and a base station on premises can all be used for edge computing…’we’re really slimming down what’s required to deploy at the edge location from a networking perspective.’”

Hyperscale for the Masses: Distributing Web-Scale Network Attributes

“We have created a full networking automation package that is all pre-integrated with SDN, virtualization, network analytics, and network segmentation which the enterprise, especially mid and small-sized companies can use without needing a deep pool of engineering talent. The smallest IT teams can automate their data center networks.” – Mike Capuano, CMO, Pluribus Networks.

Anana Taps Dell, Pluribus SDN for Data Center Project

“U.K.-based Anana tapped Dell EMC open networking hardware and Pluribus Networks SDN as part of its data center modernization project. It’s the latest in a string of customer wins for Dell and Pluribus.”

Building a cloud interconnect fabric

“The technology is ready – creating a software-defined cloud interconnect fabric will enable smaller providers to compete effectively with larger providers and increase the value of their data centers. Learn more from Pluribus director of marketing Jay Gill.”

Data centre efficiency drives Pluribus’ European deals

Jay Gill of Pluribus Networks notes: “The key theme from customers we talk to is that need to get more efficient in the way they operate their cloud infrastructure so they can move the staff onto more valuable things.”

AMS-IX Data Centers Tap Pluribus SDN, Dell Open Switches

“With this controllerless approach, there’s no SDN brain in the sky and no need to worry about the cost of the controllers and the redundancy of the controller…Everything is right on the switches in a highly distributed, highly resilient fashion.” – Jay Gill, senior director of marketing, Pluribus Networks.

2019 Software-Defined Data Center 50: Hot SDDC Vendors To Watch

Pluribus delivers network monitoring and SDN fabric solutions for enhanced insight, agility and security to data center infrastructure. The Pluribus Networks Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers a controllerless SDN fabric that provides a virtual extensible LAN overlay to simplify networking for distributed clouds.

10 Best CEOs to watch 2019

Pluribus CEO & President Kumar Srikantan is profiled by CIO Bulletin and named one of their 10 best CEOs to watch in 2019.

Light Reading

Delivering on Edge Compute

In this video, Pluribus Networks’ executive Mike Capuano talks with Ray Le Maistre about the drivers of distributed cloud (a.k.a. edge compute).


Pluribus Networks Focuses on the Edge

Pluribus announced that version 5.0 of the Netvisor ONE OS has been optimized for edge computing. The latest version of Netvisor ONE OS doubles the number of containerized virtual router instances per switch to provide support for up to 2,000 virtual routing and forwarding instances (VRFs) per network slice, said Mike Capuano, Pluribus Networks’ Chief Marketing Officer.


Pluribus Networks makes a move to the edge with its network fabric

“Where we’re headed with this announcement is we are stretching our fabric out to the edge for edge computing or what we call distributed cloud. That increases agility and reduces operational costs for folks who are deploying edge computing,” said Mike Capuano, Pluribus Networks’ Chief Marketing Officer.

Virtualization & Could Review

Pluribus Pivots to the Distributed Cloud Edge

Pluribus Networks, firmly ensconced in the next-gen networking camp with software-centric, open networking offerings on bare-metal (or white-box) hardware, has updated those offerings with a distinct focus on the edge of distributed cloud implementations.

Pluribus Networks 2019 Predictions: 5 Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 is going to be truly exciting as we will see a confluence of various technologies, architectures and vendors coming together to solve a profound new class of edge use cases. Pluribus Networks CMO Mike Capuano offers his take on five trends picking up steam this year.

What is Software Defined Networking?

Like other software defined initiatives, software defined networking (SDN) abstracts the networking operating environment from the hardware switches and controller. The SDN promise is to reduce cos…

Why Has SDN Adoption Been So Slow?

The move to commodity hardware changed the way data centers scale compute and storage resources. The network, for the most part, is being left out of the movement. Once an organization makes a network…

2018 Software-Defined Data Center 50

The software-de­fined data center is the next evolution for infrastructure and automation with promises of lower costs, greater agility and increased scalability. Here is CRN’s list of the 50 vendors leading the development of the software-defined data center.

IDC names four SDN providers to watch

An IDC report named Apstra, Big Switch Networks, Plexxi and Pluribus Networks as SDN providers to watch; Martello aims to validate Elfiq-based SD-WAN; and Aryaka extends to China.

Gestalt IT

E Tu Pluribus Networks UNUM?

It’s no secret that network analytics is quickly becoming the Golden Goose of IT. There are no shortage of players in this important segment, largely because no one has a perfect option. Do analytics need to be integrated into hardware or a pure software play? Should the goal of analytics to be an aggregated abstraction…

D-Link Unveils Bare-Metal Switch

IT organizations should expect to see D-Link expand its portfolio of bare-metal switches to compete more aggressively against incumbent networking vendors in the data center.



Pluribus Networks Extends SDN Reach

Pluribus Networks announced an Adaptive Cloud Fabric architecture that enables virtual networks to be extended across multiple data centers.

Learn more about Pluribus Networks.