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Pluribus Networks and Dell Technologies

Build Next-generation Cloud Networks with Pluribus and Dell

Dell Technologies PowerEdge Switches

Dell Technologies PowerEdge data center class switches combined with Pluribus Networks Netvisor ONE OS and Unified Cloud Fabric software offers new levels of network automation, security and visibility to Dell customers. If you are keen to deploy a cloud data center network that is simple to operate, includes built-in telemetry for every flow at no extra cost and that supports active-active data center architectures, including stretched VxRail cluster designs, then this is the right open networking solution.

Features and Benefits

Scales to meet any Interface or Density Requirements

Dell PowerEdge Switches deliver cost-effective, high-performance, reliable and highly scalable network switches at 10, 25, 100 and 400 Gigabit ethernet speeds costing as much as half of what you’d expect to pay for a legacy network switch.

Fabric for Simplified Cloud Network Operations

The SDN automation of the Unified Cloud Fabric enables NetOps teams to provision network services and security policies in seconds with a single ‘scope-fabric’ declarative command, bringing the agility of public cloud to the private cloud data center.

Provides Security Microsegmentation

Use VXLAN along with VLANs, Bridge Domains or VRFs to segment your network to slow and prevent lateral attacks inside the data center. Or take it a step further and combine your Dell PowerEdge Switches with NVIDIA DPUs for a next generation cloud data center architecture featuring application level microsegmentation and distributed security.

Comprehensive Visibility

FlowTracker is built into Netvisor ONE OS and the Unified Cloud Fabric, providing comprehensive telemetry of every flow and analytics to enhance performance monitoring and speed troubleshooting. KubeTracker™ supports the correlation of container-to-container E-W flows to network location and performance.

Backed By Dell Technologies Global Support

The combined Dell Technologies and Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric solution is backed and supported globally by Dell Technologies to ensure your organization is fully supported from design through deployment and beyond to maximize value, reduce risk and ensure project success.

Start building your unified cloud network with Pluribus and Dell Technologies