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Getting Started

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Getting Started with Pluribus Networks

Congratulations on your choice to deploy open networking, and thank you for selecting Pluribus Networks software. Whether you are deploying UNUM™ Fabric Manager, Insight Analytics or Netvisor® ONE on Pluribus Freedom™ Series, Dell EMC, Edgecore or Celestica open networking switches, your journey will start with the Pluribus Networks Customer Portal.

First you will need to log in to the customer portal. To log in, you will need your customer portal credentials, which should have been sent to you in an email from <> with the subject line “Welcome to Pluribus Networks Customer Portal.” If you can locate your credentials, then log in:

If you cannot find your credentials, then you can either register online or send an email to If this is an urgent issue, please call our support team at 650-289-4717.

You can find the latest technical documentation here.

For more information, please refer to the video Pluribus Network Cloud – Downloading Netvisor ONE software and activating switch licenses.

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