Pluribus Networks is now Arista Unified Cloud Fabric

Netvisor ONE Operating System

The open networking foundation for Cloud Networks

Build Your Cloud Network on a Solid Foundation

Netvisor ONE is a common network operating system (NOS) that runs across diverse open network platforms from switches to data processing units (DPUs) and edge devices.

Netvisor ONE is so much more than a basic NOS. It powers the Unified Cloud Fabric – the next generation of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric – bringing the benefits of hyperscale agility, simplicity and availability to data centers, unified cloud networks and many other networking applications.

Netvisor ONE for Open Networking Switches

Open, disaggregated networking, which decouples networking hardware and software, is accelerating in almost every type of network device and function. Open network switching in data centers, driven initially by hyperscale cloud providers, is now increasingly being adopted by a wide range of enterprises and service providers for their data centers and cloud networks. Standardized interfaces, such as the Open Networking Install Environment (ONIE), enable network operators to independently choose compliant open networking hardware and network operating system (OS) software that best meets their requirements.

The Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS has been certified with a wide range of open network switching platforms, providing a choice of form factors, capacities and port speeds from 1G to 400G.

Netvisor ONE is also available on Pluribus Freedom™ 9000 Series network switches as a fully integrated, pre-configured, turn-key solution that is shipped ready for plug-and-play deployment.

Netvisor ONE for Open Data Processing Units (DPUs)

The emergence of DPUs, enabling highly distributed networking and security, creates a new type of open networking opportunity. While some DPUs are closed and proprietary, requiring software and hardware from a single vendor, others have been designed to be open, enabling a choice of software to run on their embedded CPUs.

Pluribus has ported the Netvisor ONE OS to run on open DPU platforms, starting with the NVIDIA Bluefield-2. Similar to the way Netvisor ONE leverages hardware-based capabilities built into the network processor in an open networking switch, the OS leverages the DPU’s hardware switching and accelerator functions to enable a full suite of networking and security capabilities with line-rate performance.

Netvisor ONE runs completely on the ARM CPU cores, with no server-side software running on the server CPU, enabling clear isolation between network operations (NetOps) and application development operations (DevOps) and compatibility with any workload environment, from bare metal to virtual machines with any hypervisor, to container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes.

Netvisor ONE Features and Benefits

The Linux-based Netvisor ONE delivers far more than basic network OS functions. Most importantly, Netvisor ONE powers the Unified Cloud Fabric, a distributed application that creates automated, unified fabrics across distributed networks.

One OS for Many Platforms

Netvisor ONE runs on a range of OCP and ONIE compliant switches and open DPUs.

Modular, Resilient Software Design

Built on a Linux foundation with containerized networking applications, advanced policing and control plane protections

Standards-based Interoperability

Full suite of standard L2/L3 protocols enables interoperability with any existing network for smooth brownfield insertion and migration

Powering the Unified Cloud Fabric

Distributed fabric architecture with controllerless SDN automation, virtualization, segmentation and security, bringing the benefits of hyperscale agility, simplicity and availability to data centers, unified cloud networks and many other networking applications.

Integrated Monitoring and Telemetry

Comprehensive monitoring of every flow, with telemetry to Pluribus UNUM Insight Analytics or other monitoring systems.

Management Flexibility and Integration

Full function CLI plus CLI-equivalent open API, supporting the Pluribus UNUM Fabric Manager and integrations with VMware vSphere, OpenStack and more.

Start building your cloud network on the Netvisor ONE foundation.