Pluribus Networks is now Arista Unified Cloud Fabric

UNUM Insight Analytics

Performance monitoring, reporting and analytics for pervasive visibility at the speed of cloud.

Pluribus UNUM is an agile, multi-functional platform incorporating the UNUM Fabric Manager and UNUM Insight Analytics modules, with an intuitive and consistent user interface for seamless navigation between modules.

Pluribus UNUM Insight Analytics is a powerful integrated analytics module that ingests telemetry data from the Unified Cloud Fabric, including FlowTracker data on every traffic flow, and provides proactive and historical insight into network and application performance to assure peak operating performance and exceed user experience expectations.
UNUM Insight Analytics works with the Unified Cloud Fabric to enable always-on, pervasive visibility across the fabric, eliminating the need for expensive network monitoring probes and complex network packet broker overlay networks. Rich operational intelligence exposes performance trends across distributed multi-vendor networks. Streamlined workflows allow contextual analysis by device, application or specific error with single-click drill-down from any dashboard. UNUM Insight Analytics helps network operations teams to be more agile and efficient:
  • Quickly pinpoint performance issues
  • Accelerate troubleshooting
  • Improve operational intelligence
  • Identify security risks and speed remediation
  • Assure peak operating performance

How it works

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