Pluribus Networks is now Arista Unified Cloud Fabric

Unified Cloud Fabric for DPUs

Unified, simplified, secure networking for distributed clouds

How will you transform, secure and unify your cloud networks?

Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric solutions help cloud operators transform their networks to become as agile, highly available and simple to operate as the hyperscale public clouds, while moving to a distributed zero-trust security architecture to address increasing cybersecurity risks.


The Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric unifies networks across multiple dimensions – switches and servers, overlay and underlay networks, private and public clouds – with built-in distributed security, comprehensive automation and pervasive visibility. And Pluribus solutions are open so they work across hardware platforms and with any workload or virtualization environment.


The result is dramatically reduced complexity and increased business velocity.


The Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric incorporates unmatched capabilities to solve the biggest networking challenges facing cloud operators as they transform.

Distributed Networking and Security Without Compromises

Cloud network operators of all types recognize the need to move to a new, more highly distributed networking and zero-trust security architecture to address increasing cybersecurity risks. Perimeter security is no longer sufficient. Zero-trust requires implementing security capabilities, including microsegmentation and distributed firewalls, down to the application level.

Pluribus enables highly distributed server-based networking and security by extending the Netvisor ONE OS and the Unified Cloud Fabric from data center switches to server-based data processing units (DPUs) and creating a common fabric across servers with DPUs and other servers and devices without DPUs.
This is the industry’s only open, SDN-automated solution that unifies networking across data center switches and servers with distributed security, built-in automation, end-to-end visibility and hardware-accelerated performance. Compared to alternative architectures, the Pluribus solution has substantial benefits:
  • Lower cost with finer-grained segmentation and no “tromboning” latency vs. appliance-based solutions.
  • Lower cost with cleaner DevOps/NetOps separation and higher performance vs. software-based solutions.

Solution Elements

Unified Cloud Fabric

The Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric unifies and simplifies diverse cloud networks with network virtualization services, distributed security, built-in automation and pervasive visibility.
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Netvisor ONE OS

Netvisor ONE is the foundation of the Unified Cloud Fabric, a common network operating system that runs across diverse network platforms from switches and data processing units to edge devices and virtual instances in the cloud.
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DPU Fabric Manager and Insight Analytics

The DPU Fabric Manager (UNUM) provides comprehensive GUI-based life-cycle management of unified cloud networks.
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UNUM Insight Analytics enables rich network performance and security monitoring, analysis and problem solving.
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